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what are ironlites?

IRONLITES specialize in providing graphic design overlays, for the standard 2' x 4' fluorescent light fixtures, commonly found in office spaces, schools, waiting rooms, kitchens and more.  IRONLITES are installed on top of your existing light panel, LIGHT COVER, or diffuser, in your fluorescent ceiling light fixture.  Be sure to watch the installation video, to see how easy it is, to install your IRONLITEs.  Our mission, is to provide homeowners, AND COMMERCIAL OFFICES, an affordable way to give their existing CEILING light fixtures, a makeover with IRONLITES

transform your space with ironlites

IRONLITES are designer decorative overhead light overlays, that will dramatically impact the look of your home, or office,  with a minimal impact on your wallet.  We offer a variety of transparent overlays, with beautiful wrought iron, and architectural styled designs. They are simply the easiest way improve the look of your fluorescent ceiling lights.  We aren't selling sky and clouds, trees and leaves, or Tiffany colored graphics.  IRONLITES will not change the color spectrum of your existing decor, or so reduce the amount of light produced, that additional lighting is required. IRONLITES accent your existing design, while improving the character and personality, of your living, or work space.



IRONLITES offer 12 decorative DECORATIVE Overlay graphics. All are intended for use AS AN OVERLAY FOR YOUR EXISTING fluorescent CEILING, LIGHT PANEL, COVER, DIFFUSER, AND SOME LED illuminated ceiling fixtureS.  


Installation VIDEO

Watch this instructional video, ALSO ON YOUTUBE, to see how simple the installation process can be.