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  • Ironlites are the answer to the question; " What can I do with these ugly fluorescent CEILING lights?"

  • Ironlites are very affordable, and can transform your space, in less than 10 minutes.

  • Ironlites are very easy to install.   Please watch our installation video.

Avoid the struggle of buying hard, brittle, plastic panels that need to be scored or trimmed to fit before installation. IRONLITES are made of a flexible polyester film that comes rolled in a tube, so there are no fragile panels to cut.

installation STEPS

  • Unroll your IRONLITEs, graphic overlay

  • Trim it with scissors

  • Adhere it to your existing LIGHT panel, using the included glue dots.  Dots will help keep the IRONLITE in place while reinstalling your fluorescent light cover, panel, or diffuser, back into the fluorescent ceiling light fixture.

  • Place the LIGHT PANEL, OR COVER, back into your CEILING fixture

  • Please watch our installation video!  it is located on the HOME page.


more MONEy in your pocket, and none of the mess, and headache of a remodel!

Have you ever considered replacing your fluorescent ceiling lights, with recessed lights, or other fixtures that require installation into your ceiling?  Traditional replacement methods can be expensive, messy, and require sheetrock installation, texture matching, and painting!

You owe it to yourself to let IRONLITES transform your plain light fixtures.  Enhance the character and style of any room in your home, or office space, with minimal effort, and expense.